Dressing Stick with Zipper Puller

Vive Dressing Stick with Zipper Puller (27 Inch) – Sock Remover Tool – Independent Living Aid – Elderly, Seniors, Disabled, Men, Women – Mobility Helper for Compression Stockings, Dress, Jacket, Pants

  • GET DRESSED INDEPENDENTLY: Whether recovering from knee or hip surgery, suffering from arthritis or have limited mobility or range of motion, the Vive dressing stick allows you greater independence when dressing for the day. Perfect for those who have trouble bending over, twisting or reaching behind them, the dressing stick is suitable for all articles of clothing including slack and skirts, shirts and undergarments, as well as outerwear such as coats and jackets.
  • EASY TO TRAVEL WITH: Separating into two pieces, the detachable dressing stick has an internal joint system for smoothly twisting together and apart for compact storage. Great for travelling, the two-piece design easily fits in a tote, suitcase or travel bag as well.
  • SNAG FREE ASSISTANCE: Put on clothing with greater ease with the assistance of the metal S-shaped hook. Coated with smooth vinyl, the dressing hook provides a snag-free push and pull motion to put on or take off any article of clothing, including those with delicate fabrics. This smooth vinyl coating also gently grips the fabric to prevent clothing from slipping off of the s-hook.
  • DURABLE 27” DRESSING AID: Constructed with a smooth birch wood, the patent-pending detachable dressing stick measures 27” in length for an extended reach without bending or twisting. Lightweight and durable, the wooden dressing stick’s length allows for easier manoeuvrability and greater independence while dressing and undressing.


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