Neck Support Brace Strap

Neck Support Brace Strap, Adjustable Self Heating Neck Stretcher for Pain Relief and Bone Relaxer, Soft Magnetic Neck Support Cervical Collar Neck Wrap for Reliver Arthritis Headaches

  • UNIQUE MATERIAL: Outer layer of the neck brace is made of self-adhesive ultra-soft cloth, helping to take on/off, you just need to get it close around your neck tightly. It is rigid enough to limit the movement of your neck whilst provided effective heat relief. The neck support brace strap can act as a cervical collar and provide essential support to your neck area.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Neck support has a built-in permanent life magnet, which has unique function and magnet reliever functions to promote blood circulation, thereby helping soothe the neck muscles. Both of these elements act as body heat resource that heats up any area of your body it makes contact with.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: A neck brace can effectively dredge meridians, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and help to clear the meridians, enhance immunity. The natural heat generated by the neck brace stimulates and targets by providing effective deep heat relief pain to your neck which prevents headaches and migraines.
  • HIGH ELASTIC: Breathable fabric, high elastic belt, which provides good touch feeling and comfortable wear. Relaxation of muscle and relief of muscular aches can reduce back, shoulder and neck pains. You will notice a reduction of swelling, inflammations and associated pain.
  • EASY USE: Easy to use, discreet and can be used anywhere any time, treatment as far as possible, relax your neck, slowly increase pressure. Small enough to keep in your handbag wherever you go, it’s always within easy reach when you need it. It’s great and very comfortable to wear for acute pain, muscle spasms, chronic stiffness and tension in the head area.


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